Implementation of Complex
Infrastructure Projects

The field of enterprise infrastructure includes some of the most complex software systems in existence: business workflow software, database management systems (DBMS), digital asset management (DAM) and document management systems. They all have complex requirements and result in complicated processes that have to be rendered in software.

The resulting software must be easy to test and validate to ensure smooth (often continuous) deployment, easy to adapt to new requirements and easy to extend, yet it must remain manageably simple in order to ensure steady development. The development process also includes a wide set of elements that are sometimes regarded as auxiliary, but of major importance over time, such as API documentation and help files.

Implementation of complex infrastructure projects — from software development to deployment — requires not only a great deal of know-how, but also a considerable coordination effort. It requires feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders, from end-users to high-profile decision-makers, and a great deal of flexibility during the design phase, as well as adaptability in the implementation phase. Oftentimes, requirements are not obvious until the first experimental deployment, and steady development is required even after a “final” deployment: as business processes change, the tools themselves have to change along with them.

Tigers Business Consulting understands that very well. This is why all of our employees are constantly trained and kept up to date with recent developments in the industry. Thus, they are always able to deliver future-proof solutions to our customers.

Due to the important roles they play, infrastructure systems have to be efficient and robust. If they are slow, they hinder organization processes; if they fail often and the failures need to be handled manually, they introduce unwanted syncopes into the daily operation of your business and can result in considerable losses due to the additional potential of human error. Consequently, their implementation has to be handled with extreme attention to detail. A great deal of design effort is involved, along with careful testing during and after development.

This type of project is not something that can be easily tackled with by non-professionals. Thus, the best choice is to outsource it to a team of specialists who are trained and experienced in complex infrastructure projects.

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