Performance Testing

Performance testing is a process designed to determine the effectiveness (or the speed) of a network, software, device, computer or program. According to the subject of the test, this may be performed in a lab (usually a quantitative test that measures, for instance, the number of MIPS or the response time).

Of course, there are other things that can be tested for performance, things that have become crucial in today’s competitive industry. For instance, even if your code runs smoothly or your network operates flawlessly, you need to think that, someday, you may want to add more to an existing code or expand your network. This is where scalability tests come into play. It is very important to perform these tests ahead of time in order to avoid large expenses later (e.g.: having to re-write the entire code or change every element of a network).

What is Performance Testing

Nonetheless, reliability of your software or hardware is also of the utmost importance. Before releasing a product to the market, you need to make sure that it passes every stress test and that it is in accordance with the national rules and regulations related to the industry.

In today’s world, which quickly progresses towards The Internet of Things (having all the devices in your home or office building connected to one another for maneuverability and comfort purposes), interoperability is also something that should be tested by experts. You need to make sure that your product is compatible to other similar devices or program and/or that it can easily be integrated in a network.

Also, performance testing can compare two programs or two devices based on certain parameters, such as: efficiency, speed, reliability, data transfer rate, throughput, bandwidth and so on. When launching a new product, this test can help you see how you stand in front of your competition.

When it comes to performance testing, a team of specialists can offer you better results than an in-house one for the simple reason that such a team has members with extensive experience in various fields. The experts at Tigers Business consulting have numerous years of experience with several platforms, operating systems and coding environments, so it is easier for them to choose the right test for your product. Even more, they are accustomed to thinking outside the box. For instance, there are numerous cases when a piece of hardware is malfunctioning due to a software error. Our specialists can easily identify and fix such a problem.

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