Creating your own customized RTOS and focusing on embedded development is a sure way to stand out from the crowd. We understand that and we’re ready to help you become an industry leader in your field. The expertise of our engineers and the dedication for every project and every customers recommend us as your best solution when it comes to real-time or embedded development.

Tigers Business Consultants’ team of experienced embedded engineers can design and develop systems for commercial, medical, automotive, and military use. We are experienced in working with countless platforms: microprocessors, PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices), ASICs, various FPGA tools, RTOS development and others.

We can provide:

  • Hardware and software design and development
  • Design assurance
  • Design optimization
  • PCB design
  • Back-end design
  • Debugging
  • Virtualization
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Porting application between RTOSs or processors
  • Driver development and integration

We can help you with design and development (turnkey products), as well as with integration and implementation of your own real-time/embedded projects. We also offer consulting services in this area.

Our engineers use the latest technologies available and can work on multiple platforms and systems. RTOS development, Linux customization, Linux or Android kernels, boot loaders and porting are just a few of our specialties. Better yet, we’re incredible flexible! Prefer Texas Instruments products or NXP ones? We can adapt to both! Plus, we’re always up to speed with recent developments, so we can recommend you the best choice in terms of quality and price.

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