Security Testing

Building modern software without security testing is impossible nowadays. This task is already integrated to the software development process and performed by experts in both software testing and software security.

What is Security Testing

This process is aimed at revealing flaws within an information system’s security mechanism, as well as maintaining functionality and protecting data. Usually, security requirements include elements of authentication, confidentiality, availability, integrity, non-repudiation and authorization. The requirements that get tested are heavily dependent on those implemented by the system.

Tigers Business Consulting security testing is aimed at two major issues:

  • Making sure that the system’s information is protected.
  • Ensuring that the intended functionality of the system is maintained.

Of course, our team of experts can go well beyond the two scopes above, especially when it comes to sensitive industries, such as finance and defense. We understand that such industries have a greater need for security testing and we are prepared to ensure the highest level of expertise, experience and dedication.

Throughout our years of experience, our team has come up with its own comprehensive security testing process. Based on past projects, we were able to put together a flawless methodology that delivers quick results and suggestions for improvement. This methodology has three main steps:

  1. Define the security testing requirements; this done side by side with the client in order to make sure that our team fully understand the complexity degree of the project
  2. Identify the entry points of the system (e.g.: sockets, HHTP requests, files and so on); in a nutshell, every possible way for a security threat to your system has to be identified in order to prevent it from happening
  3. Perform a thorough analysis of all the threats and risks that may occur through the entry points identified at step 2.

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