Software Testing

Software testing is conducted in order to provide business owners with relevant information about regarding the quality of the software written by their coding teams. While most companies choose to test their code in-house, it goes without saying that having a third party perform the test can provide the stakeholders with the objectivity they need in order to make sure that they will launch a competitive project.

Even if the main goal of software testing is to reveal any bugs or errors that the programmers who wrote the code might have overlooked, this process has an additional purpose: a comprehensive evaluation. Although the entire program can be bug-free, an experienced software tester can also tell you if the code is written according to today’s standards, if the comments are relevant and if the program contains useless lines of code that overburden and slow it down. Having your software tested by professionals can give you an overall perspective on your team’s performance; in turn, this can help you improve the coding process of your team and, in the end, have a better time-to-market.

If you choose to outsource your software testing to Tigers Business Consulting, you need to know what our team will be searching for:

  • Check if the code meets the requirements specified in the development and design sheet.
  • Make sure that every line of code has the correct response to every possible kind of input.
  • Check if the code performs the actions within an acceptable frame of time.
  • Ensure that the code is stable enough even when in use for longer periods of time
  • Last, but not least: make sure that the result desired is achieved.

The number of tests that can be performed on a piece of software is virtually infinite. This is the main reason why you need a team of experts to handle this process. Tigers Business Consulting employs only people with extensive expertise in numerous coding environments and in numerous testing platforms. Thus, you can make sure that the test chosen for your software is the most appropriate one and that it will deliver conclusive results.

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