If you are looking to hire a team member that will help to bring your company in a new era, we’re here to back you with expert staffing solutions. Our years of experience in the various industries have helped us come up with a proprietary system for screening and hiring only the best engineers.

At Tigers Business Consulting, we know that a company’s greatest assets are the ones wearing shoes. We can help you hire only the best software developers, hardware engineers, web developers, consultants, network specialists, team leaders, and project managers.

Staffing Services

  • Executive engineering managers deep interviewing and candidates filtering
  • Quick and scalable (staffing scalability based on different demands and seasonability)
  • Large pool of existing candidates
  • Warranty and free replacement
  • Expert Background Checks
  • Cooperation with universities and colleges
  • Final shortlist of staff is well filtered and extremely qualified and as close as possible to customer expectation and requirement
  • Permanent placement
  • Contingent staff on customer site
  • Contingent staff offsite
  • Staff Management

Due to the nature of our work, we’re always up to date with the latest technologies and skills required to develop and implement them. This way, we can recognize a good candidate from a simple CV screening.

Our recruitment process involves thorough technical interviewing and testing – we want to make sure that the candidates we sent your way are seasoned professionals and/or have the necessary skill set to learn everything in record time. Furthermore, we also care about their integration in your team, so psychological and behavioral analysis is also part of the deal.

Whatever project you are working on and whatever technologies you are using, we can find the right persons to make them a smashing success! All that you need to do is get in touch with us and give us a minimal list of requirements for the candidates. We’ll take it from there!

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