Test Process Improvement

Test Process Improvement methodology

Test process improvement is the means to assess a company’s testing methodology. Ultimately, this is performed having as main scope the improvement of the QA and testing efficiency. Though many companies treat testing and QA sessions lightly, these are matters that should be taken very seriously. Test process improvement has become a business process due to its importance. In fact, acknowledging the positive results this can have on the entire business model of a company has led to the most famous of recent changes in the lifecycle of the software development model: Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Such methodologies allow not only for an objective evaluation of your performance, but also for the necessary means to improve it. Most importantly, they are crucial in keeping the entire team focused on attaining the goal and not allowing them to sidetrack and lose sight of the important tasks.

Test process improvement is a highly flexible methodology that can be applied with great results in various industries. Our experts’ team at Tigers Business Consulting has completed numerous successful test process improvements for clients in different fields. Nonetheless, we understand that, much like any industry, testing is continuously evolving; this is why we strive to keep track of recent changes and updates so that we can deliver the best improvement methodologies and tools to all our clients.

By choosing Tigers Business Consulting as your test process improvement partner you will not only reduce the risks associated with poor QA and testing, but also enjoy a better ROI. All of the clients we have worked with so far have stated that their revenue has improved once they integrated modern QA and testing methodologies in their current business model.

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