Testing Consulting

When you choose to perform the testing within your own company, you know that you are subjecting yourself to certain risks. For instance, your employees may not be impartial or they may not be familiar with more than one testing methodology which may lead to inconclusive results. If you really care about your reputation in the industry, the best way to go is letting a team of professionals advise you on how testing should be performed. Call us today and learn how we can improve your testing procedures.

Software Testing

Software testing is just as important as having good code written. Even the best code can have bugs or issues that the programmer who wrote it can overlook easily. This is why the best alternative is hiring an impartial third-party to test your software using state of the art methodologies, as well as dedicated and experienced specialists. Our experts at Tigers Business Consulting can make sure that you never release faulty software to the market and provide you with advice on how to organize your code better.

Security Testing

When releasing a new product to the market, one of your main concerns should be security. People nowadays tend to place a lot of importance on the privacy of their data and, thus, so should you. Make sure that your new product has no security flaws by working with Tigers Business Consulting, a team of experts with great experience in security testing. Take care of the needs of your customers in order to make sure that they will always come back!

Back-end and Front-end Testing of Complex Data Warehouse Systems

When it comes to complex data warehouse system, every aspect is important. Such systems entail large investments and you want to make sure that they are future-proof. Thus, you need to test both the back-end and the front-end and ensure that they are perfectly compatible with your business needs. Tigers Business Consulting has a vast experience in this type of testing and is ready to help you protect your investment by using the best methodologies and a dedicated team of experts.

Test Automation Solutions for Back-end, GUI and Mobile

Choosing and implementing the best test automation solutions for your company is not as easy as it may sound. There are numerous variables to be taken into consideration, such as compatibility, the experience of the team and market demands. This is the main reason why you should outsource the implementation of test automation solutions to a team of experts that always stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Call Tigers Business Consulting today and make sure that you only get the best!

Website Testing

Prior to launching a new website, you have to ensure that its functionality is perfect and that it has no security bugs. Nonetheless, there are numerous other aspects that speak of a website’s quality, such as cross-browser compatibility, SEO-friendliness and many more. At Tigers Business Consulting we understand that your website is your business card, the first thing that most of your potential clients see, so we will always deliver great results and improvement suggestions when it comes to website testing.

Test Process Improvement

While most business owners today disregard the importance of conducting proper testing on their hardware or software products, you should know that, if you want to gain the vantage point in your industry, this should be one of your main concerns. Ensuring that your product is compliant with various standards, as well as completely functional is crucial. Tigers Business Consulting can help you with improving your test process so that you can always be sure that the results are conclusive and relevant.

Performance Testing

IT is a very competitive industry today. This is why, prior to any product launch, you need to make sure that you can take over the market. Tigers Business Consulting can offer you performance testing at the highest standards of the industry so that, when you are ready to launch, you are also sure that your product will be appreciated by your target market.

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