Website Testing

While most company owners today understand that they can no longer do business without having an online presence, most of them fail to see that a mere website is not enough to keep your audience engaged and to convert every click into a purchase or a lead. This is where website testing comes into play.

Website Testing is number one reason of website success in search engines.

One of the main qualities every website should have is great content. But this is just the beginning. You also need to make sure that your company’s website is user-friendly and that any visitor can find the information he is looking for quickly. User experience is now more important than ever; this is why no business owner can afford to have a website that doesn’t load poorly or one that is not a relevant result in search engines for at least three keywords.

Do you know if your website is actually helping you to improve your ROI and get more customers? If you are unsure about this, Tigers Business Consulting can help you find out. Here’s what our team can do in order to improve your online presence and, ultimately, your ROI:

  • Check for broken links (or links that are not SEO-friendly) and form submissions
  • Test the communication between your website and the mobile apps your company has in Google Play or AppStore. It is vital that the communication between these two elements of your business runs smoothly: your clients need to be able to move back and forth from the app to the website and vice versa in order for conversions to happen.
  • Test your website’s usability: we will ensure that any user can easily find relevant information on your website and that they can easily spot the contact section when they decide they want to become your clients.
  • Grammar, syntax and style checkup. A website that has poorly written content is bound to leave a poor impression on the visitors. We will check every word on your website to make that it is not only correctly written, but also that the style used is enticing and compelling.
  • Multi-browser testing. There are numerous browsers that your potential customers may use and your website has to be displayed correctly in all of them. We will test the resolution, window sizes, different zoom values and many other parameters that may harm your website’s cross-browser functionality.
  • Integration of social media: we will ensure that the links to your social media pages are not broken and that they are visible enough to turn your visitors into fans and followers.
  • Security: whatever CMS your website is using, it may still be susceptible to malicious attacks that may harm your business or even the users that have accounts on your website. Our team will make sure that all data on your website is perfectly secure and safe from SQL injection, cross site scripting, URL manipulation and many others.

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